Onion powder

Dehydrated Onion powder

Dehydrated Onion powder is free flowing powder used in soups, sauces, seasoning, meat products and suitable for varied food preparations, particularly when strong onion flavor and taste is desired.

What we guarantee!

  • Quality product at competitive pricing
  • Organic certified Spices
  • Your gateway to source hard-to-find exotic spices.
  • FDA, GMP, Kosher, Halal, ISO, HACCP certified food products
  • Customized spice blending or seasoning as per requirement.
  • Authentic Blends of spices and seasonings, no adulteration or mixing.
  • Direct sourcing and shipment from country of origin
  • Full container loads and LCL shipments option
  • Multiple products mix container shipment option
  • Payment to be made directly to manufacturer/supplier account
  • All documents drawn between manufacturer/supplier and buyer
  • ETO or Steam sterilization as per customer requirement
  • Pre-shipment samples for approval from same lot as final shipment.
  • Third party quality and quantity inspection certification at the time of loading.
  • Bulk as well as retail packing available
  • Multiple retail packing options viz. standee pouches, carton box, doy pack, grinder jar, shakers, vacuum pack, refill pack

Why Choose US

Local language and market know-how, expertise to choose quality product, upto-date knowledge on market trends, experience gathered on various cultures and cuisines by extensive personal travel around the globe, safe transaction ensured by visiting and auditing manufacturing facility, longstanding strong relationship with manufacturer/supplier creating a goodwill which gives us an edge for better pricing and payment terms, we can develop new products for your research as per your requirement, confidentiality and proprietary/territorial agreement option, through us you can buy even trial orders/small quantities from reputed and established brands, multiple sourcing option for single product, our personal involvement in every transaction as we are responsible and serious about what we do.... and all this at no service charge to the buyer...... Do you still have any reason to go elsewhere ???
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Our “A-Z” Spice List

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